Einstein didn’t have the advantage of much technology with which to conduct experiments, yet he discovered ground-breaking physical laws of our universe.  He basically did it all in his head.  That’s an inspiring testament to the power of the human mind.

Also…he didn’t accept things without examination.  He asked “why?”,  thought critically, and sought objective, verifiable evidence.

The history of our universe, its elements, chemistry, and only 3.5 billion years of evolution leading to empathizing, problem-solving consciousness is inspiring.  (Not just human consciousness, but all creatures.)  The insane complexity of solar systems, ecosystems, and nervous systems makes me lose my breath in excitement when contemplating their incredible roads of formation…I could shake people on the street and scream, “Can you believe this?!”

At 7 billion and growing fast, humanity has created its own existential threats without solutions.  Survival won’t come from watching reality TV, yet discussion of the former pales starkly to obsession with the latter.

So explore it and enjoy it, but protect it.  Respect all living beings, because every species has worked just as hard as yours to evolve to its current state.  Embrace a spirit of wonder and think big.  “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”  The biggest responsibilities I can imagine are to be kind (to minimize suffering of all sentient life) and to explore everything with unbiased hard work.

To paraphrase Carl Sagan:  Astrophysicists have searched the universe and so far found no one out there who’s going to save us from ourselves…it is up to us.


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