Ketogenesis—the physiologic state of using ketones for energy instead of blood glucose–is a different topic.  The benefits seem to be increased endurance performance, less bodyfat, and cancer prevention/therapy.  Ketogenic supplementation includes MCT oil, BCAA’s (Scivation Xtend brand), metaformin (a drug,) KetoCaNa brand, and straight-up ketone esters (yuck.)

Hypothesis, re cancer therapy:  Although cancer cells have mal-developed mitochondrial cristae, preventing them from generating ATP from ketone bodies…what if, akin to the development of microbial resistance to exogenous antibiotics, “resistant” cancer cells proliferate?  Is this possible?  Could a “lucky” cancer cell mutate with a well-developed mitochondria that CAN metabolize ketones?

Caloric restriction and intermittent fasting are also great ways to enhance ketosis.  Caloric restriction is widely correlated with human longevity.

Benee:  MCT oil sounds like a great way to <ahem> trigger a morning constitutional.

For Alzheimer’s therapy:  TP was initially placed, on May 21, 2008, on 35 ml coconut oil (CO) once daily [CO contains ~15% ketogenic MCFA]. Then, over several months, MCTG was added and increased gradually to a 4:3 mixture with CO, eventually reaching 165 ml/d divided into 3–4 servings.

Ketosis is also used as therapy for seizures.

RESOURCES:  Most of the info I’ve gotten on ketosis has come from the blog of Peter Attia, MD, his presentation on youtube, and Tim Ferriss’s interviews of Dr. Attia and of Dr. Dom D’Agostino.  These guys are high-performing athletes…Attia cycles and swims 10-25 miles, and D’Agostino apparently deadlifted 500 lbs. after a week of fasting.  !?!?

Researching MCT oil requires some basic understanding of fats:

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats have one or 0ne+ double carbon bonds, respectively.  Double-C makes the kink in the fatty acid tail.

Cis fat (cis means “same”) means that the H’s are on the same side and the methyls are on the same side of the double bond.  “Trans” fat means the opposite…the H’s and methyls are opposite each other.

SATurated fats have no double C bonds.  This means they’re solid at 20 degree Cel.  (Room temp.)   Saturated fats MAY be linked to heart disease…or maybe not.

Fish and plant oils typically are UNsaturated fat.  (Except coconut oil, however, that’s saturated.)  Animal and dairy fats are saturated.

Trans fats are not natural.  Therefore we don’t have the enzymes to break them down, like we do cis fats.  They build up in our system.


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